Getting the Customer Experience Right

Adding Value to the customer experience

The emphasis of this workshop is to help executives become skillful, confident, flexible and persuasive presenters.

Develop and maintain a positive, customer focused, attitude

Apply service techniques to get customers loyalty

Deal with difficult customers

Recovering difficult customers before escalating

Programme Highlights

Establishing Your Attitude

The Power of a Smile and Staying Positive

Identifying and Addressing

Understanding the Customer’s Situation and not jumping to conclusions | Meeting Basic Needs (Feelings before Solution)

Addressing Complaints

Turning Difficult Customers Around while maintaining your composure | Using Body Language to Your Advantage

Customer Experience over the Phone

Telephone Communication and Etiquette with tips and tricks for handing customer over the phone

Customer Experience online

Demonstrate Netiquette Email Etiquette with knowing the Do’s and Don’ts

Difficult Customers

Showing empathy to de-escalate anger to establish a foundation for continuous communication to handle objections and influence decision making


Deal with vulgarity, insults and legal and physical threats